Fast, accurate, device specs and conditions.

Buyback enables operators, retailers, and buyback vendors to get the most accurate valuation of consumers’ devices anywhere, anytime, in just minutes. The service automatically provides device specifications and assesses device condition to remove subjectivity, simplify the process, and improve the profitability of buyback programs.

Detect phone specs

Asses device functionality

Detect ‘kill switches’


More specs. Less errors.

Automatically identify key phone specifications, such as IMEI, device make, device model, storage capacity and operating system to eliminate human error and ensure accuracy.
Buyback can also indicate rooted or jailbroken devices to improve quote accuracy and protect margins.


Objective device condition for any device.

Enrich your knowledge regarding device condition to produce the most accurate and competitive buyback offers, through multiple automated hardware tests and battery health checks.
Streamline and simplify your process by using Buyback across all Android and iOS phones.

Who can benefit

Operators & Retailers

Increase buyback uptake rates.
Eliminate human errors.
Eliminate disagreements around device status.

Buyback Vendors

Increase buyback uptake rate.
Reduce revenue losses and redundant logistics.
Remove subjectivity and improve margin.

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