Buyback Vendors

Fast, accurate, device specs and conditions.

Eliminate Device Disagreements

Evaluate phones with pinpoint accuracy to increase efficiency and take-up rates. Eliminate device disagreements by automating the buyback process.


Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

through automated, accurate device quotes.

Eliminate bricked phones

Eliminate bricked phones

by automatically detecting phone locks.

Increase buyback uptake

Increase buyback uptake

through simplified, objective, buyback processes.

Worth $17 billion in 2016, and with 50 percent year-on-year growth in units, the used smartphone market is forecast to grow four to five times faster than the overall smartphone market.”





Provide accurate device condition through an objective, automated tool. Eliminate subjectivity and human error to reduce revenue losses and increase buyback uptake.



Real-time visibility.
Better decision making.
Actionable insights into KPIs.

Mobilogy also offers a range of services to automate and expedite the refurbishment process.

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