Apploader for Operators and Retailers

Just add apps. Automatically.

Content is king. Create new revenue opportunities for your business and added value for your customers by loading individual apps or entire app packages to any phone automatically, without burdening WiFi or internet connections. Central management of app availability and automated workflows make program management and delivery effortless.


Automatically deliver apps

Manage apps centrally

Deliver 3rd party content


Personalized for every customer and phone.

Apploader can easily load pre-determined packages or promote apps based on your customers’ preferences, interests, and lifestyles. Intelligent identification of phone specifications ensures every app loaded is the right fit for the device.


Centrally managed. Locally delivered.

Create a customized app store accessible through every Mobilogy platform.
Apploader’s web-based management console enables you to manage what content is available to your sales associates and automatically distributes updates as they become available.

A platform for every need

The freedom to choose.

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